Kamis, 25 Maret 2010

Kang Guru Magazine (Kang Guru Indonesia)

Kang Guru Magazine is one of English magazines that provides a lot of beneficial information for teachers and students. Kang Guru shows news and information about two countries, Indonesia and Australia. It also gives information about education, entertainment, and partnership between the two countries. Kang Guru Magazine also provides some pages that useful for students, such as idioms and quizzes. It is so interesting.
In idioms page, Kang Guru gives information about idioms that are usually used by Australian or Britain. There are also some exercises for readers, so they can improve their English proficiency, especially in grammar. It also gives us knowledge that English and Bahasa Indonesia are different, so we cannot translate Indonesian sentences to English word by word, and vice versa.
Kang Guru also provides a special page with a topic “different pond different fish”. It reflects about differences of culture Indonesian’s and Australians culture. It can give us knowledge that Australia's cultures are quite different with Indonesia. So if we go to Australia, we should know about people's habits and behaviors in Australia. If you read this page, you will be astonished because you will know that Australians have different habits with us. It is so unique and interesting.
There are many more interesting parts of Kang Guru Magazine. Teachers and students should read it and learn a lot of information from this magazine. For students, this magazine is good to improve their English skills because this magazine is written 100% in English. For teacher, this magazine can give them inspirations for teaching and educating well because Kang Guru provides a lot of information about education.
picture: www.kangguru.org

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