Kamis, 25 Maret 2010

Albert's Trip To Amazon Forest (Story for Kids)

In the last holiday, Albert wanted to fill his holiday with freak things. So, he decided to spend his holiday at an extreme place, Amazon forest. He went there by his own bus, alone. His journey to Amazon from his country took a long time and energies. Eventually, he could arrive there safely. He was going to spend his holiday a week in Amazon.
                On the first day, he looked for branches, woods, and dry leaves to be used to build a tree house. He decided to build it because he was aware of the danger of wild creatures there. So, for his safety, he made his resting place in a high place in order to keep himself from hazard.
   On the second day, he wandered and observed around the forest. He felt pleasant because the air was fresh, there was no pollution, and the water was clean and clear. He tried to invent a new species of plants or animals that wasn’t found yet. But, when he walked, he just saw big trees, mosses, small plants, insects, and small mammals that were already identified by experts in the last. Even he was bitten by mosquitoes. Fortunately he wasn’t bitten by wild animals. After he felt satisfied, he went back to his tree house. Luckily, he didn’t forget to bring his compass, so he could find the way home without getting lost.
In the next day, he planned to go hunting and fishing. First, he decided to hunt wild animals. He tried to hunt tigers, bears, wolves, even crocodiles. But what happened? He was in fact chased by a boar. He ran as fast as he could. After feeling tired and getting far from the boar, he took a rest for few minutes. Then he continued his plan to go fishing. He wanted to get many piranhas for his meal. But he never tried to fish. So he didn’t get any piranha at all. Suddenly, a hand tapped his shoulder. He was surprised. A primitive man with strange. He felt scared. He thought that the man is a cannibal, who would kill and eat him. Then the man said something to Albert, but Riyan didn’t understand. The man jumped to the river directly. He caught piranhas by his own hand and threw them one by one onto the ground. Albert felt amazed. He didn’t believe that the man could catch piranhas without any equipment, but Albert knew that the man helped him catch the fish. After the man caught many piranhas, he came out from the river. Albert took piranhas one by one and put it into plastic bag carefully. Then he said thank to the man although the man didn’t know what Albert said and he went back to his tree house happily.
At his tree house, Albert cooked all of piranhas and ate them until he felt satisfied. Then he was sleepy and took a rest. Then, he prepared to go home to his country. He packed all of his tools and equipments and then he went home using the same vehicle. Finally he arrived at his country. He felt that wandering around in Amazon forest was the greatest experience he ever had.
picture: http://iphone.88000.org/12__Amazon_Forest.htm 

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