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Ways of Creating Peaceful World for The Next Generation
http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj277/chanchanarts/Draw/APeacefullEarth.jpgPeaceful world is people’s hope. Peace can bring comfort, safety, and prosperity. No body wants to ignore them, because all of them are necessaries for life right now and later. Nevertheless, nowadays there are many irresponsible parts of the world want to destroy them, people’s necessaries for future. It is very ironic because irresponsible people just want to fulfill their enjoyment by neglecting public necessaries. They are opportunists who spread war everywhere just for fun, even for colonization. Where is their humanity? Where are United Nation Organization’s acts? Is it time for us, world residents, to solve this problem? Yes, this is our time to act youths. This is not only adults’ task, but also for youths because they are world residents too. They or we as youths also have same necessaries for our future.
Everyone must have religion, although they are different. Even, communists have value, norm, and humanity as their complement of religion, but now many people suppress the others for spreading religion. Is it true? As a human, will we look it as an ordinary? No, that’s not true. It is very wrong way. No religion requires suppressing. It cannot guarantee if in the world there is only one religion, the world will be peaceful, whereas people with same religion can have different perspective about their religion. The solution is being respectful to the others. We cannot compel others to believe our religion. We just can introduce the values and norms of religion. As youths, we can create links, like organization or club that act in the positive religion relationship. It can help people around the world became respectful to each other. The purposes of this club are sharing about religion for each believer and solving religion problems.
             The second mission to create a peaceful world is exchanging culture and art, in other words introducing cultures of each country. It can help people know deeper about others’ cultures. They can learn the amazing of wonderful mercies from God that have been given to human in the world, in form culture, art, and even behavior which is unique different from others. Who knows that it can create love relationship between another people from different country to another? We have to implement the amazing cultures from other people we have not known. It can be luxurious experience if we can learn and be acquainted to other culture. It can strengthen people relationship and love.
Third mission is clarifying stereotyping. People in the world mostly emphasize that race, ethnicity, and skin color affect the high self worth. If someone who was born as white, he will be an indicator that he has higher self worth that blacks, it’s really wrong judgment. Somebody has high self esteem if he can construct his self confident too. Self confident can only be measured from efforts. If blacks can work hard, why we have to judge that they are lower then whites. Let’s we fix this stereotype! No body in this world has lower self worth than us indicated from their race, ethnicity, and skin, but the lower self worth comes from lazy, trouble maker, ignoring efforts, and giving not contribution and benefit for the others. The highest self worth comes from helping the others. As we know Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa who didn’t care to discrimination. They just want to help each other, by ignoring stereotyping. Why as youths we don’t imitate their attitude? We are still having fresh mind to create more valuable acts to continue their efforts to unify this world.
Fourth, youths as a part of this world have right to express their mind, ideas, and creativities. Although youths don’t have absolute power to control this world, at least they have privileges to show what they can do for future, even they have opportunities to prove their ability to create peaceful world. Let we do campaign as Obama had done in Egypt. Youths have ability to make peaceful world comes true. Youths have skills to persuade the world by making people around be conscious that we need peaceful world to reach safe and harmonious world for the next generation.
The last but not least is creating international social organization that acts to help each other. This mission covers missions before. We as youths can create own small United Nations Organization that provides opportunities for youths, adults, even children to express what they can do for creating peaceful world. Everyone has creative mind to find brilliant ideas for international importance. This organization will receive world’s aspirations.
Therefore, there are still many ways to create peaceful world, but the most important thing to make it comes true is inculcating the meaning of peaceful world in children hearth. This is parents’ job. Implementing belief in children’s hearth earlier will remain forever.

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